Many Ways To Contribute

There are many ways to contribute to the inspireTrend evolution.

1 Become a contributing member and support the cause.

2 share the Good news. 

when you share, put in your good word for inspireTrend.

3. Participate in the inspireTrend Forum. Being an active member in the forum means sharing your experience on life situation. Most people have this concept that Spirituality has nothing to do with things that happen in our life.

4. Become an Angel, an angel investor that is. If you see the potential of this venture that we've initiated and are interested in joining us then we welcome you to call co-founder, Suman Lohani for a chat on our Business Model and how you would like to contribute as an investor to further develop this platform and make it widely available across the world.

5. Are you interested to take inspireTrend to new heights?

Currently we are looking for a web developer partner.


proficient in php (laravel, jQuery)

Graphics tools a plus

mysql server


web server support

Required experience:

  • Computer Programming: 5 years
  • server support: 5 years
  • Web Development: 5 years

6 . If you have specific skills that can take inspireTrend to new heights, we would like to hear from you. We can work out a collaboration scheme.

Send your resume, interest, skill, with a description of how your can contribute to

7. Click on   for facebook and for Google Plus 

You will receive updates from inspireTrend on your facebook and G+ and are helping spread the good news.

In 2017, inspireTrend is the place to Be & we have a clear vision for 2020.