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Dear members of Hindu community,

The Hindu Dharma considers non-violence as supreme. However today we live in a society where there is tremendous violence. "But I am living a peaceful existence", you say. Yes, from the outside we seem to be leading a peaceful existence but all around us there is violence to a degree not seen before now. 

About 7,500 animals are disposed of annually in Toronto alone as road kill. Closer home across B.C 9,900 wildlife and domestic animal collisions happen every year. More than 113,000 horses are killed every year in Canada for meat. And a staggering total of 32.95 million cattle were commercially slaughtered in the US, which averages to 90,027 killed each day. More than a quarter of this is imported into Canada. Of course we cannot stop this violence against animals overnight. And this was the same problem that our Rishis faced thousands of years ago. This is why they taught the 'bali' system to bring in reverence to the life the people were taking. It is another matter that 'bali' system is criticized most vehemently by other religions and today even Hindus have started criticizing as they do not understand why this system is in place. Today in most of the western world we and our children are shielded from the barbarity of killing as the violence happens behind high walls in factory butcheries.

With violent video games the violence has come knocking into our children's rooms. Children are unaware of the negative influences they are receiving as they do not know any better. Most of us look for educational games to occupy our kids and help them grow positive attitudes. Minecraft is a game which many think of as benign and even constructive. But in actuality it is NOT.

Hindu Dharma teaches us that self growth is the most important and that is why proselytization is not encouraged. However it is also true that we can not remain unaffected by all that is going around us. We must remain interested in life and in our societies. This is why I started  a social media platform for conscious sharing.
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It came as a surprise to me too that minecraft lets its users kill cows in 52 different ways according to one youtube video.

I have started a petition to Mojang, the maker of the game to 'Remove cow killing from minecraft game'. Read full article on my research at
In its other 'game modes' users are required to kill 'cows' and feed them to other farm animals to progress in the game. As a follower of HinduBuddhist principles this is where I have most concern about Minecraft.
If we can reach at least 100 signatures delivers our message to Mojang the maker of minecraft. The  Link to the petition is below. I hope you will take action to support this petition to mojang to remove cow killing in minecraft game so that all children can enjoy the constructive aspect of this game.
In western world Dog ,Horse and Cat are most loved animals as these are their pet (around the world too) from ages.The Dog meat and Cat meat is banned in most part of these countries due to their love and emotional connection with them and minecraft also doesn't allow users to rampantly kills these...

You can follow the progress of this petition and for other conscious living posts at
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If you have any suggestions, feedback or want to join us at I would be happy to hear from you.

Suman Lohani
Founder| Director