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In the cosmic dance that is going on, you have 3 options

watch and enjoy
dance and be ecstatic
stand in the middle,  unaware and get pushed around. If you live life with the 3rd option, sometimes you may feel the vibe of the dance and be happy. Other times you get kicked or ruffled up and become unhappy.

Foreever Sky


what comes to mind

that of life's grind

delving deeper within

the conscious abound

I am excited to be able to announce today that InspireTrend is well on its way to hosting its first campaign: Toolbox for 3 rungs of Yoga. The backer who supports the Campaign will receive access to the member's forum which will be live in October 2016. The feature of the member's forum is that those members who have something to share resources with each other. This will be a valuable tool in the community who wish to inspire and be inspired to live a life of Yoga, uninterrupted by distractions of unwanted advertisements

On the blog and throughout the website we have made a commitment not to allow random advertisements which can negatively impact the member's tendency. If any advertisement is displayed they will be carefully curated by our team member. We are not simply  going to be turning On Google Ad which can stream any kind of advertisement.

Because this is a member's only forum, scammers trolls and Flamers will be nonexistent. Because of this it is a safe place for people of all ages to share and learn about Yoga.
Only topic in this forum available when you back our project by selecting one of the perk options is Yoga.

We’ll use the blog to share Campaign and Project status, Comments on Yoga and life ,multimedia and more. 

We look forward to growing with you as we embark on this new journey. Thank you for your support.
founder of inspireTrend