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I am delighted to inform you that you will now be able to support, sign up and join inspireTrend Forum. The inspireTrend Campaign has begun starting December 14 2016.

To signup visit the website @

Most importantly the goal is to provide a platform for sharing your life experiences. A website of this calibre requires continuous work.

The many social media and forums do not offer the type of environment necessary to engage in substantive dialogue.

inspireTrend offers the platform to connect to people with your ideas. Many of the forums available offer a static list of topics under which people discussion and share. inspireTrend forum currently offers dynamic topics and in iTf 1.0 we will offer dynamic profile feature, a new concept in social media platforms. Due to this dynamicity, the most relevant stuff to you is easily available to you so that you can focus more on what is important to you rather than get swamped by overflow of irrelevent information.

With iTf 1.0, You will have a dynamic profile page where you can choose what you want to see based on your life situation, what is important to you, rather than what is important to other people who you are associated with. 

It will be about

Your Spiritual life,
Your life with Children,
Your city life,
Outdoor life 

Your profession, the comprehensive list is @ inspireTrend Forum . . . . . .


We are using crowdfunding to fund the activities of inspireTrend that is needed to take it to the next level. This allows us to retain control on the website while only showing limited advertisements for informational purposes.

Get the perks @
  inspireTrend Campaign  

Further more you do not need a separate login to access inspireTrend forum. When you support our campaign you can use your  facebook login or google login to access the inspireTrend Forum. You can of course directly create an account at inspireTrend with your email account.


We are ready to build the community at inspireTrend Forum. So we are running  5000 in 5 months campaign to raise funds for development and support of inspireTrend forum and production of the 'Toolbox for 3 rungs of Yoga'. Support us at various levels, 52CAD, 37CAD and  17CAD and receive the perks.
When you select to receive the 1st or 2nd perk for supporting, on the payment page, you can select pickup to pickup the toolbox from me directly so that you do not pay the shipping fee. I will email you when the Toolbox is ready to be shipped.

I will continuously updating our contributors about the development and production works @ inspireTrend.

Like links are available thoughout the inspireTrend website. We welcome you to share this with your families, friends and acquantaces who can benefit from the inspireTrend forum and the campaign perks.   

Thank you for your support.
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