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The Hindu Dharma considers non-violence as supreme. However today we live in a society where there is tremendous violence. "But I am living a peaceful existence", you say. Yes, from the outside we seem to be leading a peaceful existence but all around us there is violence to a degree not seen before now. 

About 7,500 animals are disposed of annually in Toronto alone as road kill. Closer home across B.C 9,900 wildlife and domestic animal collisions happen every year. More than
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At inspiretrend we aim to promote conscious living.

Part of that effort are our articles on current affairs that impact our lives, on inspirational stories and on Eastern Spirituality. Following is the list of recent major articles that have been published in our pages.

election to devolution 2016/11/26

Many Ways To Contribute 2016/12/06

MakarSankranti 2017/01/14

45th President & Protest 2017/01/20

Danger of Minecraft games 2017/01/24

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I am delighted to inform you that you will now be able to support, sign up and join inspireTrend Forum. The inspireTrend Campaign has begun starting December 14 2016.

To signup visit the website @

Most importantly the goal is to provide a platform for sharing your life experiences. A website of this calibre requires continuous work.

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In the cosmic dance that is going on, you have 3 options

watch and enjoy
dance and be ecstatic
stand in the middle,  unaware and get pushed around. If you live life with the 3rd option, sometimes you may feel the vibe of the dance and be happy. Other times you get kicked or ruffled up and become unhappy.

Foreever Sky


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