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We have been taught that ‘we are all sinners’. Whosoever believes this shares an inherited guilt. This makes us accepting of other people’s transgressions. The most people require from the wrong doer is to say “what I did was wrong”, “I’m not happy of what I did”. Then they’re forgiven. This is good and it’s bad. We forgive the wrong doer for ourselves. But they do need to be taken to account for the society. The physical world is entirely our own making. How do we want to make it?

Let me tell you a story: There once was a drunkard in New York. One of his sons grew up good. Other son turned out bad. A guy asked the good guy: “Why are you good?”

The good son said: “I saw my dad drunk.”

Then the guy went to the bad son and asked: “Why are you bad?”

Bad son answered: “because my dad was a drunkard.”

What we see from this is, while an externality affects us, our thoughts and action depends on how we understand it, our perspective. 

There is an old lady who works as a crossing guard at a school near where I live. Couple days after the elections she said out to a man who was walking his kids to school: “Trump, he’s a good guy”.

In the election of Nov 8 2016, there were 61 million votes cast for D.J Trump.

Donald Trump is a man who definitely believes in winning at any cost. His track record shows this to be true. So we have to wonder:

As a society where do we stand?

Since we live in this society we should understand why people think and act as they do. After the survival needs are met the next thing that a person wants to be high. This is called the feel good effect. Once we have food, clothes and a place to live in,next we all want to feel good which gives us a dopamine doze.

Once a person has tasted the feeling of high (the feel good effect), he becomes hooked to it. He is constantly looking for more of the doze.


Sportsmen who have tasted fame become miserable when they are no longer the champion.

bullet People become dependent on drugs when the high they want is no longer available in life.

people get this high from

bullet dominance, winning

bullet Possession, the more they get-the more they want

bullet Prestige, fame, Self-importance, believing they are superior to others give some people a high

bullet sex, alcohol, drugs, the chemical mixes

bullet working out

There is no end to the length people can go to get this high. Only when we can be happy with what we have, can we then progress spiritually.

In evolutionary dynamics the principle of survival of fittest is taught to children. This has got ingrained into the psyche of the people in the last few generation. If someone dies or suffers from his mistake today most people rush to award the so-called Darwin award. People who believe in these concepts acquire a certain ruthlessness in their character. They lose the compassionate side. We give in to the survival instinct. But haven’t we come a long way as mankind to give in to the baser instincts which no longer serves its purpose.

The hardship that people in the world are suffering is not because of external factors. It’s simply because we have not learned to share with each other. Few of us keep an exorbitant amount enabled by current world situation justified as “survival of fittest”.

How do we evolve?

We as a world need to realize that  survival of fittest is no longer suitable as a mode of well being. The next step is to know how to evolve. The qualities(virtues) I’m going to list here is already known but is not at the forefront of our mind because of the influences of the world we live in today. When we are busy going about our lives filled with so much activity we hardly have time to think.

What are some ways to enable us to evolve?

Take time out of your busy schedule. Unschedule your life.

     Become compassionate.

-         Be understanding of others. Put yourself in others shoes.

-         Then you begin to listen to that voice coming from your conscience

We all have conscience, our link to the divine conscious. If we ignore this inner within, we are denying ourselves the potential to evolve.

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