InspireTrend FAQs

Q. How was inspireTrend Born?

A. There are several disadvantages of the internet today.
Could we have a better online experience?

Misleading titles, called click baits are used all over the internet to lure Viewers into clicking them to obscure websites. 
We have designed to be a place for sharing  genuine information and help others in the community.
Our members actively award points increasing the  user level points for positive Trend Contributors and even reducing points for sharing inappropriate trends.

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Q. Why is the forum access exclusive for members only?

A. Our goal is to Provide a platform for genuine discussion and sharing with people who have the same interests.

You can become a member and explore, experience and express your experience while having your questions answered by others. We have also started Developing a unique social media platform which doesn't have the distractions of the current social media platforms that provide free access in return for the volumes of data that is generated through our use of their platform. These free sites are designed to be mind and time traps. 

meaningful dialogues

The concept of this new social media platform is 'dialogue within the circle of interest . Utilizing the ultimate potential of democracy while channeling the potential of free dialogue. We are looking for contributors, sponsors and investors.  If you wish to be part of this venture,  email us with subject "I want to contribute to the New social media".


This FAQ is living and growing.