Guide to inspireTrend

inspireTrend is easy to use, it just is different!
with minutes spent learning the tools of inspireTrend
save 100s of hrs in a lifetime not watching useless posts!

We have made it pretty simple for people to post a Trend and put whatever they want on it.
Just use our tools for Audience Selection every time you post.

Stories, photos, GIFs, TV shows, links, quips, dumb jokes, smart jokes, fashion, art, deep stuff. 

inspireTrend is for influencers and community sharing.
We help you share and see Topics on your interests like that.
You already know how this works.

Once you select an interest in the Control Panel , you will only see Trends in your interest area, just like you’d expect. No Scrolling through posts that are of no interest to you.

See something great? Share them on facebook, linkedIn and 8 other social media sites with just a single click. Add your comment if you like. That’s how you share Trends that interests you.

We have preselected 25 interest categories for your Trends and given you the Control Panel  so you have complete control on what Trend Topics you see. No depending on news feed algorithms decided by a Corporation. Share with your community on your interests. Your Audience sees only when they are interested in that Topic. 

We have also given you 'MySpace' , where you can see your own Trends and Trends you favorited. Favorite a Trend by clicking on the star