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The iT Forum has been established to allow exchange of wholesome ideas on broad range of topics without getting buried into jumble of shares from the social media. We have made the best social media tools available to members @ inspireTrend.

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Children's sections are protected through rigid access so only same age group can access each other's posts. We have taken special care to make Children's first sharing space with their community a safe and pleasant experience with moderators and profanity filter.

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Why inspireTrend?

These days we are spending too much time on Social Media and the options are endless. What is common in these Social Media tools is that these tools are geared towards selfies and sharing of one off posts. Some people think that Social Media is only for sharing pictures.

I have felt the need for a Social Media tool for setting thoughtful trends of ideas, bringing together citizens of a community on their interests ever since I looked at Facebook and twitter. 


The Solution

inspireTrend has been established to provide you the tools to connect to the society Share News, articles, thoughts relevant to your circle without wasting time going through all the posts that the Algorithm thinks that are of interest to you.

with Trends @ inspireTrends, we give the key in your hands for the control panel of interests and circles. 

Many if not almost all Social Media sites depend totally on pesky Advertisement strategy. Even major website are following this strategy except wikipedia, which does fundraising every year to support its staff and operations.

At inspireTrend we want to do things differently, following the middle path. First we have designed control panel for you to setup what you see in the trends. Not some obscure Algorithm that controls your feed and decides what you should see.

Your Contribution  helps us lead this path to a better community, and individuals. 


Support this campaign of bridging the gap of communication within communities.  You will have access to find out the trends in your community of wide ranging topics of your interest with fellow citizens in your city, of your community and who speak your language. 

The inspireTrend platform enables you to explore, experience and express on topics of your interest. 

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